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Pricing Guide

I will gladly provide estimates of costs of quilting, even before you send a quilt to me. Just message me with the approximate size of your top and any extra services (seams, binding,etc)..



Edge to Edge Quilting: $0.025 per square inch


          Example: A quilt top is 60 inches x 80 inches. 60 x 80 = 4800 x .025 = $124.00


Economy Edge to Edge: $0.02 per square inch

         Limited to selected quilting designs, these are less complex, more open patterns


Please note there is a $45.00 minimum for quilting services. I will happily quilt 2 table runners or 2 baby quilts on the same backing to meet this minimum. Feel free to contact me with any questions.


Sewing backing fabric to size: $10.00/seam



Fixing Seams/Trimming Threads: $15.00/hr 


    If there are any open seams, holes, etc. noted when quilt top arrives, they will be                            documented and discussed with you before proceeding with quilting. I do not want to                    alter your quilt in any way without permission. I can do my best to fix seams or return                  the quilt to you for repair.


Binding: Please see Binding Page



Batting: Batting is not included in the basic quilting charge to allow for me to use your batting if     preferred. I am required by the State of Missouri to collect sales tax on the sale of any                  batting.

    Quilter's Dream 80/20-60": $8.50/yd

    Quilter's Dream 80/20- 93”: $10.00/yd

    Quilter's Dream 80/20- 120”: $13.00/yd

    Quilter's Dream Dream Puff 93": $9.00/yd

    Winline 100% Bamboo 93": $15.00/yd


     Other battings like Wool, 100% Cotton and bamboo blends are available. I keep some in stock      ready to use and other can be special ordered just for your special project. Please message         me for details.


Rush Services: I work hard to have a quick turnaround time, typically under 2 weeks. But I understand that "Quilting Emergencies" can happen where you need a specific deadline met. I have a limited opportunities to accept expedited quilting services. To let your quilt "go to the head of the line," I do charge a $50.00 additional fee. Please contact me to see if this is an option. 

Payment: Payment will need to be made in full at time of quilt delivery or shipment. Invoices can be paid via PayPal information or by check. Checks will need to be cleared prior to shipping which may add a couple days to the return ship date.

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