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Binding Services

Once the quilting is complete, it’s time to get the layers of your quilt sandwich bound together. It’s that final step that adds a frame to your artwork!

Binding Services are available here at the Cottage if you need a little extra help with this important last step. I can send back your quilt completely finished and ready to gift/use. Or choose just which steps you would like some assistance with.

Option 1


Machine sewing binding to front of the quilt only.

$0.10/linear inch 

Send along the fabric you your quilt's binding and I will prepare the binding strips and attach it to the front of the quilt.  Once I know your quilt dimensions we can decide how much fabric you will need to include. With this option, you will only need to stitch the binding on the back in whichever way you prefer.


Option 2


Sewing binding to both front and back

$0.25/linear inch

Machine sewing binding to front of the quilt as above, PLUS hand stitching binding to the back. This option means you will get a completed quilt returned to you!



How to Figure Cost of Binding

Binding is based on linear inch of stitching. Add the measurement of each side together

     or (Height + Length) x2.


Example: If your quilt top measures 56 wide by 72 long

                 56 + 72 = 128  Double that to include all 4 sides     

                 128 X 2 = 256 linear inches

                 Option 1: 256 linear inches x 0.10 = $25.60 

                 Option 2: 256 linear inches x 0.25 or a final cost for binding of $64.00

If you have any questions about my binding services, do not hesitate to Contact Me with a message! I'm happy to help you do some advance figuring. An estimate of cost for both quilting and binding will be provided when your order is received. We will also discuss amount of fabric/binding that will be needed.  

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