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My Quilting Story

Welcome to my cottage! My name is Danelle.  I am a maker of "things that have stories."  I am not sure how many generations of my family have been quilters.  But I well remember the pride I felt as a little girl giving my mom my first quilted potholder. And I remember falling asleep under a handmade quilt while trying to figure out how all the pieces fit together.

Quilting has always just been there, part of growing up in what would now be called a homesteading tradition...and until recently I took it for granted. Then I was asked to make a special quilt for someone who could not. Then I was asked to teach a few new quilters. Then I tried my first Longarm quilting machine. Finally, early in 2019 I brought home my APQS Lucey quilting machine. I quickly worked through all the tops my great aunt was making for a local care facility and started quilting for people in my area. I am loving being a part of the quilting tradition of so many other stitchers!

Why Cottage Path? My parents built a house in my grandparent’s pasture. When Grandma passed, I moved into her little home. For years, there has been a well worn path between the two houses. That’s the path I walk every day as I go from my cottage to my quilting studio in their larger home.   

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