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The Quilting Process (FAQs)

The services I currently provide are digital edge-to-edge quilting. This means the stitching will be uniform across the quilt top and not area-specific such as special border designs.

My goal as a quilter is to use all the tools I have (thread color, 1000s of digital design options, stitching density, etc.) to make your quilt into a one-of-a-kind treasure. My personal style leans toward traditional with a touch of whimsy. I drift toward swirls, feathers, and motif-based quilting designs. However, half the fun of being a professional Longarm quilter is the privilege to work in so many other styles. Bold modern designs or dense geometric quilting keeps life exciting for me! 


Before starting on your quilt, I will have several questions for you. 

  1. Quilting Design


 ~You can browse through many of my pantograph choices here. Do you know exactly what you want? Wonderful! Let me know what you are looking for and we are off and quilting! Or, feel free to browse the catalogs of digital designs available online and pick out the exact pattern you’d like me to use. (I have linked to a few under the Quilting Designs tab.)


~Need some help deciding? This was definitely me when I started quilting. Let me know if there are any directions/parameters in your mind. I will send 3 or 4 pantograph suggestions via email or text (your choice). I try to make them very different options. Let me know if one is absolutely perfect or which comes closest. I will gladly keep conversing with you until we hone in on exactly what fits your quilt!


~Quilter’s Choice: I have had many quilters tell me “I’ve had my fun piecing, now it's your turn to play!” While this can be terrifying (I want you to be more than happy) it's also a nice challenge for me as a longarm quilter. There may be a pantograph I’ve been dying to try that I just needed an excuse to buy. BUT, I will always send you a text or email for approval before I start to stitch - unless you tell me not to!


2) Thread Color


There are SO many options of beautiful threads these days! I use Glide brand 100% poly thread. This is a professional grade embroidery and quilting thread with just a hint of shine without being showy. It provides beautiful stitch definition to frame your piecing. Much as above, let me know if you have a color preference or would like me to choose. I will gladly look at your top once I have it in my studio and text/email you with suggestions as you wish.


I prefer to use the same or similar thread in the top and back of the quilt. 


3) Quilting Density


One of the exciting possibilities of digital quilting is the ability to make designs large or small. I aim to have quilting that is even in density across the top and at a scale that suits the size of the patchwork. This is completely subjective however! In general, I do not like to leave more than 4 inches unquilted in any one spot. Please let me know if you prefer tighter “more thread” quilting, or looser, open designs.


4) Batting


Batting is not included in the quilting charge. I have left it this way to allow my clients to provide their own batting if they desire. I do however stock large rolls of quilt shop grade batting in several styles that is available to purchase by the linear yard. Options and prices can be seen here.


5) Binding


I have binding services available for you to select from if desired. See the Binding Services Tab for all the specifics!

6) Shipping


Once we have your order complete, I will send you a shipping address. It is recommended to ship quilts wrapped in some type of plastic then placed inside a cardboard box to protect from water or other types of damage.

Return shipping costs will be added to your invoice. All efforts are made to package them both safely and economically. I will return quilts via USPS to the address you provide. All quilts are sent First Class which does include tracking and basic insurance. If you would like to add additional insurance, this can be added to your invoice.

7) Payment 

Payment will need to be made in full at time of quilt delivery or shipment. Invoices can be paid via PayPal information or by check. Checks will need to be cleared prior to shipping which may add a couple days to the return ship date.



How big does the backing fabric need to be?

Machine quilting requires extra backing in order to attach it to the frame. Typically I ask for 4" extra on EACH side of the backing. For example, if your quilt is 80" x 100" the backing needs to be a minimum of 88' x 108." Often with my own quilts, I use this extra to make my binding.

Can my backing be pieced?

Absolutely! Please be aware though, that I cannot see the back of your quilt while I am working. If the back is not completely flat, puckers can occur on the backside without my knowledge. I work hard to avoid this but it is a risk I want you to be aware of up front! 

It also works best if the seams can be horizontal to the top. This may not work if your fabric is directional. Again, if you have any concerns about backing, we can talk through options!

Why do you ask me to trim threads on the quilt back? They won't be seen anyhow, right?

Well, yes, that does sound logical...until you have just one stray, black, raveled thread that shows up like a gray hair in the center of a perfect, white Half Square Triangle! Trimming threads on the back seems tedious but can make a huge difference in the finished quilt. If there are large amounts of high contrast threads that I am fearful of causing a problem, I will message you before proceeding. You have the final say!

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